Tooth-coloured Fillings

If you’re put off having fillings by the thought of a mouth full of ugly black spots, it’s time to reconsider.

Old-fashioned fillings used black amalgam to repair the damage caused by tooth decay or injury.

But the treatment has come a long way since then. Results are now far more pleasing to the eye.

We use a dental composite containing a light-sensitive agent and quartz resin. Our white fillings can be applied to front or back teeth and come in a range of tooth-coloured tones for a result that’s so natural you’ll never know it’s there.

Latest Technology Ash Dental offers the latest in filling technology.
Natural Colour Ash Dental offers a tone that matches your natural teeth.
Front or Back Teeth Our white fillings can be applied to both front or back teeth.
Perfect Results A result that's so natural you'll never know the filling is there.


It’s not just the aesthetic quality of fillings which have improved in recent years. The procedure is quicker and more comfortable too.

Our team begins with a quick clean to remove any decay and tissue before applying a thin layer of resin which bonds to the affected area. The bond is strengthened with a painless blast of plasma light to harden in just six seconds.

The process takes less time than the traditional black fillings you're used too, with longer lasting results.


When treating larger cavities, our team may use a longer-lasting porcelain inlay for a natural finish. Inlays are manufactured in-house in Ash Dental’s lab before being fitted to your teeth. Porcelain fillings may need two appointments to complete, but the stunning results are worth the wait!

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