Patients Charter

Here is our patient's charter.
  • At Ash Aesthetics, our aim is to provide consistently high quality dentistry and level of professional care to all our patients.
  • Providing care that meets your needs and wishes only, we strive to ensure you receive the highest standard of treatment that you deserve.
  • We aim to make your time with us as comfortable and convenient as possible to ensure each visit is a pleasant one.
  • While receiving dental care, we ensure that your health and safety is cared for at all times.
  • As a team, we follow HTM 01-05 guidelines on infection control to ensure you receive care in a continuously safe and clean environment.
  • To ensure the care and treatment you receive is continuously of the highest standard our whole team regularly take part in continuing professional development.
  • We welcome feedback from our patients and take action on any relevant comments. We welcome complaints and deal with them promptly to ensure the matter is resolved effectively.
  • Each member of the team at Ash Aesthetics works safely under the guidelines of the General Dental Council to enable us to provide all our patients with the quality of care which they deserve.

Our Requests:

  • Keep your appointments.
  • Be flexible.
  • Attend regularly.
  • Maintain a good cleaning regime.
  • Not be abusive to our staff.
  • Keep your account up to date.