General Dentistry

The team at Ash Dental has helped keep a healthy smile on the face of Eccles and the surrounding community for more than two decades.

The secret to our success is a friendly approach that keeps clients coming back, as well as a philosophy that puts you front and centre of your dental destiny. 

To do this, we arm you with all the information needed to make informed choices about your treatment. Once you reach a decision, you’ll find yourself in safe hands. Our team of experienced dental professionals place your wellbeing at the very forefront of everything they do.        

Friendly Our success is a friendly approach that keeps clients coming back.
Comfortable We make you feel comfortable and relaxed about treatments.
Experienced The Ash Dental team has over 20 years of experience in general dentistry.
Results We achieve subtle, predictable results that look and feel amazing.
Dental Crowns

When damaged or broken teeth cause pain, a dental crown can cover up what remains. Crowns provide you with a robust, long-lasting layer of protection between tooth and mouth. They are a conventional treatment for tooth decay, filling failures and advanced tooth wear.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are among the most common treatments for cavities caused by tooth decay. Fillings no longer use the unsightly, dark coloured amalgam that is a dead give away of tooth decay. Newer fillings rely on naturally coloured dental composites that will help your new filling fit right in with its surroundings.

Root Canal Treatment

Problems with a tooth’s root or nerve can be excruciating. Root canal treatment gets right to the cause, by removing the inflamed or infected nerve from inside the tooth. Afterwards, the area is thoroughly cleaned to prevent infection, before the site is treated with root filler to prevent further painful exposure.


The Ash Dental team provides treatments for the replacement of missing teeth and their surrounding tissues. To do this, we offer a full range of fixed or removable crowns, bridges and dentures, along with a flexible range of options for keeping them in place with implants.


When it comes to excellent all-around oral health, your gums, jawbone, tooth root and ligaments all play their part in maintaining a tip-top smile. And they’re crucial to overall health, too. Evidence is mounting to show that periodontal health is closely linked to severe illnesses like heart disease.

Oral Surgery

Relax – oral surgery isn’t as painful as it sounds. It generally refers to any procedure carried out inside the mouth and could include anything from simple tooth extraction to the removal of jaw bone cysts. Our experienced dental team can perform most oral surgery. However, we may refer you to an oral surgeon for more specialist procedures.

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