Fee Guide

Finance Options

We offer a wide range of finance options to enable you to spread the cost of your dental treatment, subject to status and approval.
Private dental treatment can be more affordable than you may have imagined.
6 Month Smiles braces£13 per week
(depending on individual case)
£5 per week
Inman Aligner£8 per week

Private Treatment Options

Emergency treatment
includes any treatment required to alleviate pain but Excludes permanent filling and new crown. For unregistered patients.
Initial ConsultationFree
includes x-rays

Tooth Whitening

Phillips Nite White
includes custom made trays and bleaching kit for 2-3 weeks use.
Phillips Nite White
plus 30 mins booster in surgery to reduce home bleaching time.
90 mins in surgery using light to whiten plus custom made trays and take home for 3 days supply.
3 syringes of bleaching
for home maintenance.
Enlighten deep whitening
latest tooth whitening for the best possible results.

Private Hygiene Treatment

20 minutes with hygienist
including scaling, polishing and oral hygiene advice.
Full mouth disinfection
for treatment of bad breath and gum disease. Includes all oral hygiene aids, tongue cleaner and interdental brushes etc.
All for just £349.00!

Crowns, Veneers And Bridgework

Crowns From £400 – £600
Veneers From £400 – £600
Bridges From £400 – £600


Full Upper & Lower £500.00
Full Upper OR Lower £300.00
Partial Upper & Lower £450.00
Partial Upper OR Lower £300.00
Valplast flexible partial denture
with lifetime guarantee


White fillings From £69 - £159
Silver Amalgam fillings From £40 - £60


Invisalign (invisible braces) From £995
6 Months Smiles From £2500 - £2795
Inman Aligner From £1500

Anti-Snoring Splints

Acrylic £159.00
Glass fibre reinforced £209.00

Protective Sport Mouthguards

Clear acrylic £39.00
Single Colour £49.00
Double Colour £59.00

Botox Treatment

One area £189.00
Two areas £249.00
Three areas £289.00
Underneath the armpits
to stop sweating

Dermal Fillers

One syringe £199.00
Two syringes £299.00
Three syringes £399.00
Lip shaping with Dermal Fillers £279.00
We can offer 12 months interest free credit on selected items!