Dental Implants

Missing teeth and loose dentures can be a real pain.

Missing Teeth?

They don’t just stop you from eating the food you love - they can also cause a massive dent in confidence that leaves you thinking twice before revealing your inner smile.

Dental implants could be the answer. They work by substituting the tooth’s natural root for a permanent titanium implant which is used to secure in place anything from a single tooth to a whole row or arch. The result is a permanent replacement for natural teeth that’s 100% indistinguishable from the real thing and designed to last as long as natural teeth.

Implants can also be used to keep dentures in place without the need for fixative or glue.

Advantages go well beyond comfort and cosmetics. Dental implants are the closest it’s possible to get to having natural teeth, with a look, feel and function that’s so natural you won’t know the difference. 

Here’s something else you’ll love. Implants are now more affordable and accessible than ever, with interest-free credit now available from Ash Dental.   

Neil: Same day fixed bridge & Bonding

Neil had to have all his lower teeth removed due to decay and gum disease. Neil was unwilling to wear a denture so we provided him with a fixed bridge after extracting all his lower teeth and placing implants all on the same day. Later we made a permanent bridge and did some composite bonding on his uneven upper teeth. At no point during his treatment was he without any teeth.

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