Clarkmatrix Black Triangle Treatment

If you have black triangles between your teeth, you may be surprised to learn the condition affects around 30% of the adult population.

Black triangles – often referred to as gingival embrasures – are caused by gum line recession, bone loss or tooth movement.

The condition adds years to your smile and encourages unhealthy levels of plaque build-up. While veneers can mask them, it’s not always the best option for patients with healthy tooth enamel.

Ash Dental’s very own Dr Ash is one of the few dental professionals to be trained by the system’s inventor Dr David Clarke.

Check Our professional dentists will check black triangles and propose treatment.
ClarkMatrix Ash Dental now offers a solution in the form of the ClarkMatrix composite bonding system.
Treatment The treatment closes gaps, covering black triangles and restoring your smile.
Smile After treatment your smile will get a healthier, younger-looking appearance.
How Does it Work?

Cost-effective, quick and minimally invasive, ClarkMatrix permanently places clear forms filled with a tooth-coloured composite material just below the gum line so that your teeth appear to merge naturally.

Once in place, we’ll shape, smooth and polish the bond to give your smile a radiant shine in a single session.

Not Just Black Triangles

ClarkMatrix is a versatile treatment which can be used to mask an array of cosmetic conditions related to gaps between the teeth. We use the system to close the vertical gaps (diastemas) and build up teeth that fail to grow to their full size (undersized laterals) for a symmetrical smile.

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