Dental Black Triangles - ClarkMatrix

Clinically referred to as gingival embrasures, black triangles between the teeth affect around 30% of the adult population, and are often caused by recession in the gum line and bone loss. They can also sometimes be a result of movement in the teeth. Black triangles can not only make your smile look older, but they can also encourage unnecessary plaque build-up by gathering food particles between the teeth.

If your enamel is perfectly healthy, then it’s not always necessary to mask black triangles with veneers. At Ash Aesthetics, we are delighted to offer ClarkMatrix, a special composite bonding system that closes the gaps and restores your smile to give your teeth a healthy, younger-looking appearance. Dr Ash is also one of the few Dentists that has been trained by the inventor of the system, Dr David Clarke.

Cost-effective and minimally invasive, ClarkMatrix uses clear forms that are filled with a tooth-coloured composite material. The form is designed to sit just below the gum line, so that your teeth appear to merge together naturally. Once it’s in place, will shape and polish the form so that it feels smooth and gives your smile a radiant, healthy and youthful shine.

What else can ClarkMatrix treat?

As well as black triangles, the ClarkMatrix procedure is brilliant for closing vertical gaps in-between two teeth, also known as diastemas. At Ash Aesthetics we also use the system to treat undersized laterals. This is what occurs when a tooth hasn’t grown to its full capacity, often giving the smile an uneven aesthetic. The exceptional quality of the tooth-shaded composite materials used with the ClarkMatrix system means that such teeth can be built up, leaving you with a lovely, symmetrical smile.


Bradley had been unhappy with his peg shaped lateral incisors (the upper teeth either side of his front two teeth). Dr Ash used Clarke Matrix and simple tooth coloured fillings (composite bonding) after whitening.

How long does ClarkMatrix treatment take?

The treatment is completed in just one session and is a simple yet extremely effective way of transforming your teeth and putting the confidence back into your smile.

For further information on the ClarkMatrix technique and to discuss the best course of action for your smile, don’t hesitate to contact Ash Aesthetics today on 0161 789 0082 for a free consultation.

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